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  • Item:MER-514

    Jack Knife, Dennis Balk

    Jack Knife is a companion book to a smaller version with a different edit called "Splinter Group/Black Op".

    Magnus Opus on the Failure of the Left.

    Edition of one unique copie, signed and dated by the artist.

  • Item:MER-526

    Splinter Group Black Op, Dennis Balk

    Artist book. Edition of 5 copies.

  • Item:MER-552

    Semites: The Album, Charif Benhelima

    For his series ‘Semites’ (2005), presented in a limited signed book of 500 copies, Charif Benhelima chose the polaroidcamera 600 as a working instrument, enabling him to question issues of identity and reality that result in what can be called a fake documentary work. ‘The Semites: The Album’ comprises 90 (2 x 45) polaroid pictures of already existing images: they are reproductions received via the polaroidcamera, in which the flash of the camera is clearly visible. The reflection of this light shines on top of the original image and becomes visible through over-exposure on the final result.

    Leaf through the book here

  • Item:MER-682

    The Fields. 12 notes on clarity, Toon Van Borm

    The artist’s book ‘The Fields’ is a hermetic book of reference in twelve parts by Belgian artist Toon Van Borm. The book only comprises handwritten parts; which are close to illegible. After printing, the artist will make an intervention on each book.

  • Item:MER-745

    Mei 1970. Het Aantreden, Jan Van Imschoot

    Een kunstwerk in een editie van 100 exemplaren, genummerd en gesigneerd. Het werk is gedrukt in offset 4 kleuren op Offset bouffant 400 grs. 

  • Item:MER-988

    Book #1 L01 2018, Pieter Huybrechts & Erki De Vries

    With Book #1 L01 2018 Erki De Vries and Pieter Huybrechts present the first result of their enquiry into the spatial potential of a book. In line with their earlier work that focused on spatiality considered from installation art and photography, in Book #1 the two artists explore an extra layer by integrating the medium art book. Can the architectural use of this art form possibly result in new images and experiences?

    Starting from an in situ installation that literally positions the environment, scale model and photography on a single line, the transformation into an art book creates a particularly hybrid experience of space. Immaterial trompe l’oeils and the material dimensions of the book are literally built on top of each other. Virtual images, the essence of architectural elements and type page fade into each other as a material montage on the interface of film, photography and mental architecture.
  • Item:MER-1021

    OHO and the Korean Avant-Garde Association, Ištvan Išt Huzjan

    As one buys or comes to win the publication at hand one has a right to ask Ištvan Išt Huzjan to come to his or hers preferred location and perform his piece entitled OD TU DO TU (From Here To There). Huzjan's performance is a simple gesture where the artist enters the chosen location and barefooted measures the distance between two random architectural elements chosen together by the artist and the person in possession of the book. To mark the starting point of the measuring the artist writes down OD TU (from here) directly on the first architectural element and to mark the end point the artist writes down the measured distance on the second architectural element DO TU MERI x STOPAL (to here measures x number of feet). During the performance the artist talks about his work and the context of the publication. This publication is signed and numbered on 50 copies.

    Laureate for the Fernand Baudin Prize 2013

  • Item:MER-1055

    Eurasian Academical Tour 2017-2018 for the Mobile Medium University, Luc Deleu

    Luc Deleu is a Belgian conceptual architect, urbanist and artist. He studied and teaches at the Higher Architectural Institute Sint-Lucas, Brussels. Together with Laurette Gillemot he created T.O.P. Office (Turn on Planning) in 1970, a studio for urbanism and architecture, which won the 2014 Flemish Culture Prize for Visual Arts. He launched numerous proposals to rethink the use of space throughout the globe, and reflects on the occupation by man of the earth's surface. Deleu's thoughts are manifested in his anarchistic-utopian models. He filters his thoughts in drawings and models, which propagate his fresh vision on a reorganisation of an overcrowded world. 

    Digital C-print (80 x 80 cm) signed and numbered from 1 to 50, production MILO PROFI Photography, Duffel (B).

    This artist edition is an imaginary voyage for the project Mobile Medium University (from 1972 on three recycled aircraft-carriers), which is planned for October 1st 2017 until June 30th 2018.  

  • Item:MER-1117

    Through and Through, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

    For this artist's book, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek carefully placed old mirrors and glass from second-hand table tops -often large, heavy and fragile- on drying paper, and subsequently traced them with a pencil. A 10-metre long drawing of partly overlapping tracings was used to connect to the space of Vangrunderbeek's studio. It was laid out on working tables across the three rooms of his studio on a structure of hardboard sheets. In an attempt to connect the drawing to space, a couple of mirrors were again positioned on the tracings and were partly traced with a cutter. When cutting out forms from the drawing, the hardboard appeared through the paper. When cutting further across the hardboard, fragments of tabletops of the supporting working tables and fragments of the studio floor became visible. A selection of tables, objects and sculptures present in Vangrunderbeek's studio was used to compose the views of the different holes in the drawing, with the intention of accentuating the essences of their formal and material qualities. This artist's book was published within the framework of the author's PhD research and in conjunction with the exhibition "Dealing with Ordinary Form" held at Netwerk, Aalst from March 29th til June 13th 2015. Edition of 250 copies, 125 signed and numbered (€ 50). 


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