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  • Item:MER-1240

    The House of Our Fathers, Dirk Braeckman & Jan Lauwers

    This outstanding volume is the trace of an immersion by Dirk Braeckman in the performance The House of Our Fathers by Jan Lauwers & Needcompany at the Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen, Hannover, 2013.

    The photographs having passed Braeckman's dark room, the images, often starting from the same negative, start to compose a universe beyond the event's registration.

    With the boldness of a painter sketching, Dirk Braeckman has set up a series of which this volume can be considered the opening dance.

  • Item:MER-1149

    The Department of Subterranea, Marcin Dudek

    Marcin Dudek’s book delves into the captivating universe of a literal and figurative underground, which took form in works he created below and above ground in the past ten years.
The Department of Subterranea takes us into the artist’s living space usurped by a parasitic mass of adhesive tape and plastic film (Tunnel Recording), through the illusion of a painting out into a space behind the exhibition (How to Rumble Painting), and into underground mazes constructed from tape, wood or jute fabric
(I Will Eat This Sleepy Town, Cathedral of Human Labour, Land of Space and Optimism), out to public space (Winter Pavilion, Pumping Station).

    It also allows us to revisit composite shows and performances (Too Close for Comfort, Wild, Punch to the Sky), and see a few of Dudek’s unique hand-made books (Coal, Strata) as well as his extensive series of meticulously composed collages (When I Think About Painting, Unexplained Ground Subsidence, 17972 and many others) – unveiling many of Dudeks’s intricate references in its concise project descriptions and an insightful interview. Produced in co-operation with Harlan Levey Projects.

  • Item:MER-1118

    Proportio EN

    Presented from May until November 2015 at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice by the Axel & May Vervoordt Foundation and Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, the exhibition Proportio examined the ways we experience proportion in our lives and the complex universe in which we live. By presenting wide-ranging and diverse expressions found in art, nature, physics, economics, history, science, music, medicine and many other subjects, the study of proportion uncovers the natural patterns that are used to create everything in the material world. Throughout the course of known human history, the knowledge of proportions has been applied across civilizations for thousands of years. The sophisticated knowledge of sacred geometry, and the golden ratio in particular, was considered highly advanced and closely linked to secretive spiritual wisdom and religious traditions.

  • Item:MER-580

    Parties de voyant, Benoit Platéus

    This first work of the Belgian artist Benoit Platéus is a monography as well as an artist's book. It comprises a selection of works created between 1997 and 2011, as well as a text written by the artist and proposing a direct insight into his universe. Platéus work doesn’t neglect any medium — photography, video, drawing or sculpture — in order to search for ambiguities in the most mundane field of visibility. In this way his art often acts as a ‘psychic apparatus’ that plays on, and questions and reflects the viewer’s perception and consciousness.

  • Item:MER-557

    Dislexicon, Hilde D’haeyere

    The Dislexicon of Slapstick Humor, Funny Cinematography, and Very Special Effects’ is a richly illustrated glossary containing 138 witty words used in the Mack Sennett Comedy Studios between 1912 and 1933. It comprises clever concepts connected to slapstick comedy, gag strategies, funny pratfalls, dangerous stuntwork, and secrets of the filmmaking trade. In a mishmash of slapstick facts and fictions, the Dislexicon fully accepts tall tales, technical reports, jokes, and gossip as historical sources. Hopping from "gag" to "laugh" to "trick," the dictionary presents a slapstick universe in which everything makes perfect sense – as only a fictional construction can.


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