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  • Item:MER-1395


    Op een dag ontwaakt een jongen zonder herinneringen op het strand. Via talrijke ontmoetingen leert hij de regels van het spel. Of leren de anderen nog het meest van hem?

    Strandjongen gidst de jonge lezer doorheen de belevingswereld van deze bijzondere ­jongen. Samen met hem delen we de ­verwondering om alles voor het eerst te ontdekken en worden we deelgenoot van zijn kleurrijke ­ontmoetingen met badgasten en strand­jutters, ­bloemenverkopers en strandwerkers, vissen en ijsjes. 

    Aan de hand van het hoofdpersonage exploreert auteur en regisseur Nathalie Teirlinck het universele verlangen naar geborgenheid en een thuis. Een modern sprookje dat op een speelse manier reflecteert over prangende thema’s als ‘anders zijn’, vriendschap en ­eigenwaarde. 

    Met prachtige illustraties van kunstenares Ingrid Godon, inclusief openvouwers.

  • Item:MER-1390

    Blue Veil, CD


    1. Blue Veil (27:26)

    2. wabi 1 (11:34)

    3. wabi 2 (7:10)


    Release date: November 11, 2019

    Composer and performer: Mireille Capelle

    With: HERMESensemble

    Piano: Koen Kessels

    Musical Assistant and mastering: Bodo Peeters

    Artwork: Yun Hyong-Keun

    Photography: Laziz Hamani

    Edition: 350 copies

    Design: Jeroen Wille

    A production of Inspiratum. 

    Published by Inspiratum and audioMER.

    audioMER. is honoured to announce the release of a new CD; Blue Veil with music by Mireille Capelle (BE) and HERMESensemble*.

    The world of Mireille Capelle is one of music and theatre. She has performed as a singer in numerous European opera houses, under the artistic direction of the foremost stage directors and conductors. She is member of the artistic board of HERMESensemble. Mireille Capelle has a particular affinity with contemporary music and art, characterized by many encounters with the most important contemporary composers. Blue Veil is a sonic architecture composed for the exhibition I Fortuny. Una Storia di Famiglia, curated by Daniela Ferretti, at Palazzo Fortuny, in Venice from May 6 till November 24, 2019. The essence of the piece was inspired by the installation of Axel Vervoordt and Tatsuro Miki in the wabi-space of the palace.

    A live performance with artist Marie Balcaen took place on 27 September 2019 at Palazzo Fortuny.

    Mireille Capelle in her words about the piece:

    “I took two pieces of white marble stones—both sculptural and radiant. I banged and rubbed them. In Venice I recorded the sounds of the bells of San Marco and the rustling of the water. I remembered the words coming to me. Sometimes they came very clear, sometimes barely understandable. Stemming from my fictional journey into the past, the words of Proust and d’Annunzio arrived… I catch Wagner’s breath as in his Shepherd’s Song… The whisper of a great white sail in the wind… In Blue Veil Henriette Fortuny—the silent muse—appears. Her pink dress and blue veil are floating in the wind… There is light of sounds and shadows. Blue Veil is both a quest for transparency and a path of perpetual repetition. I wanted this piece to allow us to hear the inaudible. I wanted to enlarge what is hidden in sound. “Eternity is the one who is, who will be and who was”. This sentence from Plato signifies to me that we are all particles of eternity.”

  • Item:MER-1381

    AB(ee), J-M Bytebier

    Available for pre-order, shipping will start from 18 November.

    Jean-Marie Bytebier (°1963) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Gent in 1988. Together with artists such as Wim Delvoye (°1965) he focuses mainly on the possibilities of how painting could be presented in order to understand our increasingly complicated postmodern society. In doing so he wants to seal the gap with conceptual art, as opposed to a previous generation of contemporary artists in Belgium, which followed the new German painting. Bytebier places the paintings in diptychs, triptychs and quadriptychs. Bringing together various small paintings influencing one another was one of his first steps to question the complete painting. There was no univocal answer, but different possibilities.

  • Item:MER-1379

    Some Art Sites of Recent Historical Interest in America, Julião Sarmento

    This artist book brings together 32 photographs by Portuguese multimedia artist and painter Julião Sarmento (°1948, Lisbon) of sites in America that were once locations of art-historical importance. 

    Julião Sarmento is one of the most notable members and instigators of a wave of Portuguese artists emerging in the wake of the democratic regime in Portugal. Because of his assertive participation in post-war artistic reflections and because of the certainty and consistency of his discourse, Sarmento’s work was rapidly appreciated by the international art scene; resulting in group and solo shows and representations in major galleries throughout the world.cities.

  • Item:MER-1377

    Adrift (English version), Ricardo Brey

    Available for pre-order, shipping will start from 2 December.

    The publication reflects the core of Ricardo Brey’s most recent body of works Adrift (2014-ongoing) 

    as well on the core of the overall aspiration of Ricardo Brey for his exhibitions in Museum De Domijnen in Sittard, the Netherlands (10 February – 10 June 2019) and Gerhard-Marcks Haus, Bremen, Germany (1 December 2019 – 1 March 2020). While it is not an artist book in the traditional sense, it is definitively a project by an artist. The aim of the publication is to create a sense of the artistic space that Brey wants to offer, with a polyphony of voices and an immersive sphere in which a quality of behavior is of prime importance. It focusses strongly on his most recent body of works, Adrift


    “… Ricardo Brey’s most recent ongoing body of work lacks the defined cohesiveness of previous artistic projects, which were united by shared formal and thematic concerns. After being confined to a wheelchair for several months due to medical issues, the artist described himself as “drifting around … wandering in my study not … working in my total capacity.” Discovering that this description—“drifting off”—described his new state of mind, he began to create a series of disparate yet interconnected works from, in his words, “fragments that float in my memory, images that have no place in the rigid parameters of my previous work.” Ranging in form from sculptures and installations to photographs and drawings, these works recall earlier projects while breaking new ground.

    (Alexander Gray Associates New York) 

  • Item:MER-1374

    Kwon Dae Sup

    Kwon Dae-sup is a Korean contemporary pottery master known for his series of Moon Jars, traditional Korean plain white porcelain which was originally made during the late 17th through 18th century, the late period of the Choson Dynasty (1392-1910). Originally trained as a painter in Honkik University, Kwon was introduced to moon jars in 1970s and became so fascinated that he changed his course of life to pottery. While keeping the tradition of Korean pottery, he attempts to communicate the aesthetics of moon jars to audience of the contemporary world by transferring essential traits of simplicity and a sense of modesty. He breaks all the works that does not satisfy him. He throws away everything that does not move his soul.

  • Item:MER-1370

    E2N Archives Actives, En attendant l’année dernière

    Espace 251 Nord is a belgian art center dedicated to the production and exhibition of Belgian and foreign artists. To intensify visibility and circulation of artists in Wallonia and Brussels, the non profit organization organizes exhibitions and communication plan in the Euregio Meuse-Rhin and Europe (Rome, Venice, Florence, Delft, Lisbon, Paris, Lille). Espace 251 Nord organizes «extra-muros» exhibitions to get artists works to circulate, in order to raise awareness about contemporary art among various types of audiences. Since 1984 it has also been offering periods of residence to belgian artists. Espace 251 Nord provides a unique framework for artists to pursue their practice and engage in current debates and researches that examine the potentials of contemporary artistic production.

    To celebrate its 35th birthday, Espace 251 Nord shares its history with a 576 pages’ volume book, opening with an extensive plates’ section of exhibition views and closing with an exhaustive chronology & anthology of the 187 exhibitions and events, since 1983 produced by Espace 251 Nord under the direction of Laurent Jacob

  • Flotsam, Debby Huysmans

    Flotsam, Debby Huysmans

    The photos of Debby Huysmans expose the daily reality she encounters during her trips to former communist countries. The artist is fascinated by the current changes post communism and dedicated to document this shift to modernization. She is not limited by narrative restrictions in her search of authentic moments. Indulging in a world we do not dwell upon the pictures have an otherworldly sense of peace. And although not depicting our reality, the images bear a strong feeling of familiarity, showing a transforming world before it disappears forever. By documenting simple, almost banal daily fragments and ignoring common aesthetic rules she captures what is almost invisible.

  • Item:MER-1359

    MUSEUM III. 2.1, Sven Augustijnen & Sammy Baloji

    Deze publicatie documenteert de tentoonstelling van Sven Augustijnen (°1970, Mechelen) en Sammy Baloji (°1978, Lubumbashi) in het Cultuurcentrum Strombeek in het najaar van 2018.

    De kunst van Sven Augustijnen breidt zich al geruime tijd uit tot thema's zoals wapenindustrie, ideologie en kolonialisme, invloed en macht. Augustijnen graaft in de donkere geschiedenis van onze relatie met de voormalige kolonie. Hij maakte naam met zijn in film gezette onderzoek "Spectres" over de tragische dood van/moord op Patrice Lumumba. Augustijnen kocht een quasivolledige set van het vijftiger jaren magazine "Europe Magazine" dat hij oordeelkundig en betekenisvol openvouwt in een monumentale vitrine, zodat de tijd van de Koude Oorlog, kolonialisme en wapenwedloop in beeld en tot de verbeelding van de bezoeker komt. Vanuit de onaangeroerde, druktechnisch perfect geconserveerde magazines – die nu documenten zijn geworden – weet Sven Augustijnen een indringend tijdsbeeld te evoceren dat tot op vandaag nog steeds niet is verwerkt.

    Sammy Baloji, die pendelt tussen Brussel en Lubumbashi, was aanwezig op documenta 14 in Kassel en Athene met video en sculpturen die via hun symbolische geladenheid (koper) de inhoud letterlijk laten spreken vanuit de materie waarmee "wij" rijk zijn geworden. Hij maakte afdrukken in koper van luxetextiel uit musea in Brussel en Kopenhagen, toonde originele koperen Katangakruisjes en wist met een indringende video een beeld te geven van hoe koper wordt gesmolten, bulk-klaar voor de globale markt. Daarmee wist hij een reflectie neer te zetten over grondstoffen en de manier waarop ook immateriële diensten zoals educatie, godsdienst en cultuur werden ingezet om de houdbaarheid van de kolonisering bij de bevolking te continueren.


Items 1 to 9 of 113 total

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