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    Salad Days, Jef Van Eynde

    Dit boek ontstond in het gezelschap van mijn vriend Werner Mannaers. Het verzamelt een selectie uit honderden foto’s van zijn bloemen, woorden en daden. Ook veel kunstwerken zijn in zicht, geen enkel behoort echter tot zijn oeuvre. Het zijn uitgewiste sporen.- Jef Van EyndeVoor deze editie bewerkt Werner Mannaers foto’s uit een boek naar keuze van 16 personen tot een uniek werk, mixed media op fotoprint A4. De uitgave ‘Salad Days’ vormt een bundeling van deze werken.

  • Item:MER-706

    Love Letters, Werner Mannaers

    Love letters shape love. Werner Mannaers doesn’t write love letters, he paints them in his characteristic ‘bad painting’ style. During a certain time span, the painter created a Love Letter each day; the recipient of which was always a woman. Mannaers is in love with love; which makes his current series especially human: artists never shut up about (their) art, even when making love. The book Love Letters groups these paintings Mannaers made over time. Each Love Letter is effectuated using gouache on paper. They refer to some of Mannaers’ paintings that are currently in the making. Each Love Letter equally makes reference to other artists. This makes this publication more than a collection of recent Love Letters: the publication discreetly evolves towards a visual commentary on the history of modern art.

    Leaf through the book here

  • Item:MER-254

    Cahier de brouillons, Werner Mannaers

    Cahier de brouillons shows over 600 drawings selected from on ongoing archive by Belgian painter Werner Mannaers. 

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    About Flowers & Taxis, Werner Mannaers

    Published on the occasion of Werner Mannaers' exposition 'About Flowers & Taxis' at De Garage-Cultuurcentrum Mechelen (16.01.–14.03.2010).

    Active for some thirty years as a painter, Mannaers is a typical example of the artist whose life and being are felt in every fibre of the canvas or paper. As in a diary he digest the emotions of the day in his drawings. Deepened and purified they find a way into his paintings. Erudite and permeated by a great art historical understanding he brings different aspects, trends and influences from art, literature and philosophy together. Sometimes harmonious and serious, sometimes as an ironic clash of images, but often without any distinction between high and low culture.


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