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  • Item:MER-1400

    Representing the Work, Matt Mullican

    In the mid-1970’s, Matt Mullican developed a unique artistic language based on pictograms, diagrams and cosmological models. In reaction to conceptual art, this return to the image made the American artist one of the represantatives of the Picture Generation. Alongside these symbols placed on various supports (sheets, books, stained glass, etc.), his performances under hypnosis give expression to that person, an emblematic, even caricatural human figure. In 2018, Matt Mullican created representing the work, an installation mosaic of 64 iconographic illustrations that catalogue the principal chapters of his work.

    This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Matt Mullican. Representing the Work’ at MAC’s Grand Hornu, 16.02–18.10.2020.

  • Item:MER-1399

    Kleine Catalogus van de Collectie van S.M.A.K.

    Deze catalogus is nu beschikbaar in voorverkoop. Verzending vanaf 24 februari.

    In deze Kleine Catalogus zijn kunstwerken verzameld die jonge S.M.A.K.-bezoekers het beste vonden! Zij kozen de kunstwerken die volgens hen het meest bijzonder, interessant, gevoelig, verwarrend, mooi, inspirerend en zoveel méér zijn.

    Uit de collectie met meer dan 3000 werken krijgen 150 wondere kunstwerken een plaats in de Kleine Catalogus.

    In dit boek met de mooiste afbeeldingen blader je van A(bramovic) naar Z(orio).

    Kijk en lees! Lees en kijk! Doe dit ook samen met papa, mama, broer, zus, oma en opa – en word samen Ware Kunstkenners.

  • Item:MER-1398

    The new bank of America, Poems

  • Item:MER-1395


    Op een dag ontwaakt een jongen zonder herinneringen op het strand. Via talrijke ontmoetingen leert hij de regels van het spel. Of leren de anderen nog het meest van hem?

    Strandjongen gidst de jonge lezer doorheen de belevingswereld van deze bijzondere ­jongen. Samen met hem delen we de ­verwondering om alles voor het eerst te ontdekken en worden we deelgenoot van zijn kleurrijke ontmoetingen met badgasten en strand­jutters, bloemenverkopers en strandwerkers, vissen en ijsjes. 

    Aan de hand van het hoofdpersonage exploreert auteur en regisseur Nathalie Teirlinck het universele verlangen naar geborgenheid en een thuis. Een modern sprookje dat op een speelse manier reflecteert over prangende thema’s als ‘anders zijn’, vriendschap en ­eigenwaarde. 

    Met prachtige illustraties van kunstenares Ingrid Godon, inclusief openvouwers.

  • MUSEUM III. 3, Een vertaling van de ene taal naar de andere

    MUSEUM III. 3, Een vertaling van de ene taal naar de andere

    S.M.A.K. bestaat in 2019 twintig jaar. Dat viert Museumcultuur Strombeek/Gent met een tweeluik. Het eerste luik is een hommagetentoonstelling die 21 nooit eerder geziene werken uit de rijke Gentse collectie voor het eerst ontsluit. Het tweede luik vertrekt vanuit een intens kijken naar het verleden en naar de toekomst van musea en (potentiële) collecties in een tijd waarin alles virtueler wordt en ook  het “live” gebeuren  in musea meer en meer op de voorgrond komt.

    Beeldend kunstenaar Guy Rombouts tekende voor deze kunstwerken een scenografie. Guy Rombouts behoort tot een van onze weinige kunstenaars die de taal van antwoord gaf via de creatie en de inventieve toepassing van het AZART in inmiddels talloze tentoonstellingen sedert de jaren tachtig.

    Uitgegeven naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling Een vertaling van de ene taal naar de andere, 22.03 — 22.05.2019, Cultuurcentrum Strombeek Grimbergen.

  • Item:MER-1393

    The Story of Hardcore 1977–1999, Onno Hesselink & Hans Verbeke

    It all begins in 1978, when a near-legendary Sex Pistols/P.I.G.Z. show in Kortrijk gets cancelled. From that point on, the story rips by like a runaway train, up until the turn of the millennium. From the early 90s on, the H8000 hardcore scene became one of the most active and influential punk scenes on the European mainland. Its musical style and philosophy had — and still have — a major influence on bands and individuals all over the globe. The personalities presented and opinions expressed in this book are as varied as the music these people have created since. This is your chance to hear the real story, straight from the mouth of key players in bands like Rise Above, Nations On Fire, Blindfold, Shortsight, Spirit Of Youth, Congress, Liar, Regression, Deformity, Spineless, as well as many record labels and zealous fans from the heydays of H8000. Dig into heartfelt memories about camaraderie, dedication and insecurity in the form of happy/sad tour diaries, gig anecdotes and dirty squat confessions.

    In the dark ages before desktop publishing, album artwork had to be pasted together by hand. If you were a kid in those pre-web days, xeroxed zines were your main source for information. Bands had to rely on friends and bands in other cities to get them shows if they wanted to tour. In keeping with that DIY spirit, you will find out who those people were and get the stories behind their contributions first-hand. While the book’s imagery sparks the imagination, the commentary sprinkled throughout will let you relive the thrilling old-school times of the era.

    More than anything, this book will show you how crazy those times truly were. With an immense number of bands spawning from an area the size of just a few blocks in NYC. The H8000 scene of the 90s proved that willpower, youthfulness and creativity can overcome any obstacle. Those kids just did their own thing, caused a stir and together, shaped a musical movement that put Belgium on the map.

    This compendium is filled to the brim with beautiful and compelling stories, cut-and paste-flyers, never-before-seen photos, sharpie playlists and a detailed discography of every significant H8000 release. Read on and discover how H8000 helped change the face of hardcore punk, just like L.A., New York or Boston did.

  • Item:MER-1392

    STUFF, Koen van den Broek

    Available for pre-order, shipping will start from 6 December.

    STUFF provides an overview of ten years public art projects and includes an in-depth interview by prof.dr. Wouter Davidts about what this practice means for Van den Broek. Especially fort his publication, the artist created new sketches on tracing paper that provide insight into his working process and the interaction with his painterly oeuvre. The book is lavishly illustrated and contains never before published images of designs, models, work in progress and temporary, executed and not executed works of art.

  • Item:MER-1391

    Third Eye, Luc Dondeyne

    Through his work, Luc Dondeyne offers us his view of the world. He gives us the opportunity to look together with him by showing us sometimes literally that he looks at the world through a lens. This looking together results in special and unusual compositions, such as portraits without face or with the face turned away, as well as people who are portrayed from the back. The spectator thus becomes part of the triangular relationship Dondeyne deliberately involves himself and ourselves in: the triangle between the artist as viewer, spectator and maker. Those looking at the works are in the middle of this triangle, and consequently they become part of the artist’s gaze and therefore also of the work.

    The intuition, imagination and inner wisdom with which the third eye or the sixth chakra fills us, may also open the gate to the collective memory, on which not only Dondeyne relies but also the spectator who looks at the artist’s works. Frequently, Dondeyne refers in his titles and images consciously or subconsciously to the history of art and culture. He invites us to open our own third eye and to join him to tap into his huge source of knowledge and associations that allows him to connect that which he sees through the third eye with that which he depicts thereof on the canvas or on paper, and with the spectator who contemplates the final result.

    —Diana Wind, excerpt from Third Eye

  • Item:MER-1390

    Blue Veil, CD


    1. Blue Veil (27:26)

    2. wabi 1 (11:34)

    3. wabi 2 (7:10)


    Release date: November 11, 2019

    Composer and performer: Mireille Capelle

    With: HERMESensemble

    Piano: Koen Kessels

    Musical Assistant and mastering: Bodo Peeters

    Artwork: Yun Hyong-Keun

    Photography: Laziz Hamani

    Edition: 350 copies

    Design: Jeroen Wille

    A production of Inspiratum. 

    Published by Inspiratum and audioMER.

    audioMER. is honoured to announce the release of a new CD; Blue Veil with music by Mireille Capelle (BE) and HERMESensemble*.

    The world of Mireille Capelle is one of music and theatre. She has performed as a singer in numerous European opera houses, under the artistic direction of the foremost stage directors and conductors. She is member of the artistic board of HERMESensemble. Mireille Capelle has a particular affinity with contemporary music and art, characterized by many encounters with the most important contemporary composers. Blue Veil is a sonic architecture composed for the exhibition I Fortuny. Una Storia di Famiglia, curated by Daniela Ferretti, at Palazzo Fortuny, in Venice from May 6 till November 24, 2019. The essence of the piece was inspired by the installation of Axel Vervoordt and Tatsuro Miki in the wabi-space of the palace.

    A live performance with artist Marie Balcaen took place on 27 September 2019 at Palazzo Fortuny.

    Mireille Capelle in her words about the piece:

    “I took two pieces of white marble stones—both sculptural and radiant. I banged and rubbed them. In Venice I recorded the sounds of the bells of San Marco and the rustling of the water. I remembered the words coming to me. Sometimes they came very clear, sometimes barely understandable. Stemming from my fictional journey into the past, the words of Proust and d’Annunzio arrived… I catch Wagner’s breath as in his Shepherd’s Song… The whisper of a great white sail in the wind… In Blue Veil Henriette Fortuny—the silent muse—appears. Her pink dress and blue veil are floating in the wind… There is light of sounds and shadows. Blue Veil is both a quest for transparency and a path of perpetual repetition. I wanted this piece to allow us to hear the inaudible. I wanted to enlarge what is hidden in sound. “Eternity is the one who is, who will be and who was”. This sentence from Plato signifies to me that we are all particles of eternity.”


Items 1 to 9 of 386 total

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